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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1813777991481081293290381*Adrian McMillanFlemington2018/2019Gary Murray Shield Division 5 Seconds6 1Jacana
264211491481081289132564Suriya MolligodaFlemington2018/2019Russell Pollock Shield Division 59 1Aberfeldie Park
3637677081481081293150763*Oli InghamFlemington2018/2019Ken Eastwood Shield C35 1East Keilor
4515971321481081289133351Jeremy LittleFlemington2018/2019Russell Pollock Shield Division 511 1Barkly Street Uniting
5506363521481081293152550*Matthew O'NeillFlemington2018/2019Ken Eastwood Shield C39 1Strathmore
6509129971481081293152550*Chanakya R PattiFlemington2018/2019Ken Eastwood Shield C39 1Strathmore
7509129971481081293155050*Chanakya R PattiFlemington2018/2019Ken Eastwood Shield C314 1Aberfeldie Park
85011727351481081293155050*Jeremy LaveryFlemington2018/2019Ken Eastwood Shield C314 1Aberfeldie Park
95018418941481081293155050*Lachie CoxFlemington2018/2019Ken Eastwood Shield C314 1Aberfeldie Park
10506363521481081300000050*Matthew O'NeillFlemington2018/2019Glenn Scarborough Shield D213 1Brunswick
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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