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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1891182021531081364588889Stuart M TaylorFlemington2020/2021A Reserve5 1Parkville District
272211491531081364588372Suriya MolligodaFlemington2020/2021A Reserve4 1Gunbower United
3711182021531081364593071*Stuart M TaylorFlemington2020/2021A Reserve15 1Emerald Hill
4705971321531081364592170Jeremy LittleFlemington2020/2021A Reserve13 1Gunbower United
5619961241531081364621061Wes CrookFlemington2020/2021D Grade9 1Youlden Parkville
661167891531081364708461*Steven DessmannFlemington2020/2021C North3 1Indigos
756211591531081364587956*Phillip ConguesFlemington2020/2021A Reserve3 1Emerald Hill
856211491531081364589956Suriya MolligodaFlemington2020/2021A Reserve8 1Parkville District
9501182021531081364588350*Stuart M TaylorFlemington2020/2021A Reserve4 1Gunbower United
105021492531531081364623450Daniel P YongFlemington2020/2021D Grade15 1Reds
11506363521531081364712950Matthew O'NeillFlemington2020/2021C North15 1Indigos
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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